Food plants

McCAIN – Tour Eiffel – Montreal (2009)
System assessment and proposed unprovements for the newly built refrigeration system.

SUNCHEF FARM – Montreal (2009)
Expert witness in refrigeration (on going case).

FRUIT DE MER DE L’EST – Ice Tower System (2009)
Trouble shooting of an ice making plant.

ALIMENTS FONTAINE SANTÉ – St-Laurent arr., Montreal (2006)
Technical mediation prior to legal proceedings, in order to determine the causes of failure to reach the proper temperatures in refrigerated rooms of a plant producing foods free of conversation agents.

Expert witness in refrigeration for the claimant (Bonbon Original) in a claim to an insurance company for the heaving of the slab of a freezer due to freezing. The claimaint won.

ABATTOIR OLYMEL – Quebec (1999)
Determination of the cause of the opening of relief valve on an ammonia system. Recommendations on corrective measures for the problem and work supervision.

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