Food plants

MAPLE LEAF – Trillium Project
New glycol system for dough cooling.
MAPLE LEAF – Olivieri Plant – Line 4 process refrigeration
New refrigeration system for a pasta blast freezing process equipment.
DAIRY PLANT – British-Columbia (2009)
New evaporators and piping to improve chilling process for cheese.
DAIRY PLANT – New Brunswick (2009)
New falling film chiller with thermal storage to replace an old ice builder.
DAIRY PLANT – Quebec (2009)
Four (4) screw compressors with a total capacity of 1 400 HP to be relocated, and new oil cooling method with ammonia circulating pumps.
Spiral freezer (-40ºC) using R-404A refrigerant. Heat recovery for use in heating the building.
DAIRY PLANT – Saskatchewan (2008)
Modifications to the existing piping, replacing of pumping units, addition of a glycol network and of a plate heat exchanger.
MAPLE LEAF BAKERY – Roanoke, Virginie – Line no.5 Conversion
New bagel line with implementation of a new spiral freezer, spiral cooler, glycol mixers and retarder room.
R & D PROJECT – Quebec (2008)
New low temperature glycol loop for process equipment. Implementation of a new plate and frame heat exchanger with ammonia pumps.
FRUIT D’OR – New Plant
Recirculated ammonia system supplying a 45 000 square-foot freezer and a deep-freezing tunnel (-40ºF) for blueberries. Screw compressors with total power at 1200 hp.
DAIRY PLANT – Ontario (2008)
Replacement of all evaporators and piping in order to improve the fast-cooling process of cheese.
MAPLE LEAF – Multi-Marques Plant – Evaporative Condenser Replacement
Replacement of evaporative condenser and water piping.
DAIRY PLANT PH II – Quebec (2007)
Existing system capacity increased by 540 tonnes to 1100 tonnes.
NATREL – St-Laurent Plant – Phase I Improvement
Replacement of and modification to the evaporative condensers of the plant.
ULTIMA FOODS – Chilling Tunnel
Addition of a new yogourt chilling tunnel and connection of ammonia piping to existing system.
AGROPUR – Granby Cheese Plant – New Cooling Tower
New industrial-type cooling tower used for the 4 stage process evaporator.
New 2000-hp refrigeration system with plate heat exchangers and chilling tunnels. Existing system is decommissioned.
UDAIRY PLANT – Quebec (2006)
New ammonia flooded type system for brine solution cooling through a glycol plate heat exchanger.
DAIRY PLANT – Saskatchewan (2005)
New condensers with variable frequency drive for an ammonia refrigeration system of 1100-ton capacity.
“Phillips” liquid-overfeeding ammonia central systems of 85-ton capacity for quick chilling of chicken carcasses for a poultry meat packing plant.
AGROPUR – Granby Cheese Factory – Project Pasta
Replacement of 2 screw compressors with new 400-hp models. In a new room, addition of a system of exchangers and pumps that will be used to cool a brine solution for the cheese.
DAIRY PLANT – Quebec (2005)
New recirculated ammonia refrigeration system for cooling using a spiral.
MAPLE LEAF FOODS – Canada Bread – Rivermede Plant, Toronto
Refrigeration for process equipment used for the maturation and cooling of bagels.
MAPLE LEAF BAKERY – Roanoke Plant (Virginia) – No.7 Line
Modification and increase in the refrigeration capacity of a double-stage system to meet the requirements of a new production line.
DAIRY PLANT – Quebec (2004)
540-ton capacity flooded type central system for the chilling of propylene glycol used by the process equipments.
COLBEX – Meat Packing Plant
Analysis of proposals. Supervision of work pertaining to the construction of an ammonia system used for the chilling of cow carcasses.
MAXI POULTRY – No.9 Expansion
215-ton capacity double-stage refrigeration system at -42ºF suction for a blast freezing spiral as well as the refrigeration of work rooms for a frozen chicken nuggets production plant.
Central refrigeration systems operating with R-507 refrigerant to service freezers and walk-in coolers in a plant preparing complete meals for hospitals. One-piece refrigeration untils of 170-tons capacity installed in the roof.
Air conditioning and dehumidifying system for the production sector of a cake baking plant.
ULTIMA FOODS – New Chilled Water Loop
1500-gpm capacity ice-water network servicing the process equipment of a yogourt plant.
AGROPUR – Granby Cheese Plant
Replacement of evaporative condensers

Replacement of evaporative condensers in a 600-ton capacity central ammonia system.
DAIRY PLANT – California (2001)
Renovation of the existing ammonia system and addition of 170-tons of refrigeration. New glycol loop servicing process equipment.
OLYMEL – St-Hyacinthe Plant – Cutting Room
120-ton refrigeration system in a meat cutting room. Low-speed air distribution goes through flexible fabric conduits using “Fabricair” technology.
DANONE – Yogourt Plant – Boucherville
Ammonia central system with 300-ton capacity to be expanded to 1200-tons. This system mainly comprises 200-hp screw compressors and a 100 000-lbs storage ice bank used by the ice-water network of a yogourt plant.
AGROPUR – Granby Cheese Plant – Replacement of Ice Builders
Replacement of ice builders by new ones of 110 000-lbs capacity each and various modifications to the refrigeration system.
Recirculated ammonia central system feeding a freezing spiral at -40ºF and a 12 000 square-foot freezer in a “baguette” bread plant.
DAIRY PLANT – Vermont (1999)
Central system using R-22 flooded type heat exchanger of 450-ton capacity to cool propylene glycol used for the processing equipment of a cheese factory.
DAIRY PLANT – Quebec (1998)
Renovation of low and very-low temperature sector of an ammonia central system for a dairy and ice cream products plant.
DAIRY PLANT – Quebec (1996)
New glycol loop to cool various process equipment as well as a new refrigeration system consisting in screw compressors and a plate heat exchanger.

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